Raw data from online personality tests

For general public edification the data collected through the personality tests on this website is dumped here. All data is anonymous. Users were informed at the beginning of the test that there answers would be used for research and were asked to confirm that their answers were accurate and suitable for research upon completion (those that did not have been removed from these datasets).

The downloadables are .zip files each containing a .csv file with the data (open with Open Office Calc, or Microsoft Office Excel) and a .txt codebook.

Updated Description Variables n Download
4/22/2014 Answers to Cattell's 16 Personality Factors Test with items from the IPIP. 163 likert rated items, gender, age, country and accuracy. 46254 16PF
9/6/2012 Answers to the Narcissistic Personality Inventory, constructed with the version from Raskin and Terry (1988). 40 multiple choice, gender, age, time elapsed 11243 NPI
6/18/2012 Answers to the Machivallianism Test, a version of the MACH-IV from Christie and Geis (1970). 20 likert rated items, gender, age, time elapsed 13156 MACH2
6/18/2012 Answers to the Big Five Personality Test, constructed with items from the International Personality Item Pool. 50 likert rated statements, gender, age 11257 BIG5_2
7/22/2012 Answers to the Taylor Manifest Anxiety Scale, from Taylor (1953). 50 true false statements, gender, age 5410 TMA
9/6/2012 Answers to the Humor Styles Questionnaire, from Martin et. al. (2003). 32 likert rated items, gender, age, self-rated accuracy 1071 HSQ
7/16/2012 Answers to the Empathizing-Systemizing Test, a combined version of Simon Baron-Cohen's empathizing and systemizing quotients. 120 likert rated items, gender, age, self-rated accuracy 13256 EQSQ
8/5/2013 Answers to the Holland Code (RIASEC) Test, constructed with public domain items from the Interest Item Pool. 48 likert rated statements, gender, age, country, time elapsed and self-rated accuracy. 8855 RIASEC
7/16/2012 Answers to the Sexual Compulsivity Scale from Kalichman and Rompa (1995). 10 likert rated statements, gender, age 3376 SCS
7/18/2012 Answers to the IPIP Assertiveness, Social confidence, Adventurousness, and Dominance scales used as part of an experimental personality test. 40 likert rated items, gender, age 1005 AS+SC+AD+DO
2/15/2014 Answers to the Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. 10 scale rated items, gender, age, country 47974 RSE
5/25/2012 Answers to an experimental IQ Test previously offered on this website. 25 questions/answers, age, gender. 400 IQ1
5/25/2012 Answers to a sentence completion survey appended to the Holland Code and big five personality tests; at completion of either test takers were solicited to participate (most did). 6 incomplete sentence responses, gender, age, and big five or RIASEC traits. 1425 SENTANCES1
8/6/2013 Answers to the Experinces in Close Relationships Scale. 36 likert rated items, gender, age, county. 17386 ECR
9/26/2012 Answers to the Consideration of Future Consequences Scale. 12 likert rated items, gender, age, self-rated accuracy. 614 CFCS
8/7/2012 Answers to the Kentucky Inventory of Mindfulness Skills from Baer, Smith and Allen (2004). 39 likert rated items, gender, age. 601 KIMS
9/6/2012 Answers to the Multidimensional Sexual Self-Concept Questionnaire. 100 likert rated items, gender, age and context. 289 MSSCQ
8/8/2013 Answers to the Woodworth Psychoneurotic Inventory. 116 yes/no questions, gender, age and country. 6019 WPI
12/8/2013 Answers to the Hypersensitive Narcissism Scale and The Dirty Dozen. 22 scale rated items, gender, age, accuracy and country. 53981 HSNS+DD
3/8/2014 Answers to the Short Dark Triad by Paulhus and Jones (2011). 27 scale rated items and country. 18192 SD3
4/21/2014 Answers to the Feminist Perspectives Scale, from Henley, N.; Meng, K.; O'Brien, D.; McCarthy, W.; Sockloskie, R. (1998). "Developing a Scale to Measure the Diversity of Feminist Attitudes". Psychology of Women Quarterly, 22(2), 317-348. 60 scale rated items, gender, age, country. 13477 FPS

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